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Typewriter Poems

Custom Typewriter Poems and Petals & Poetry

E X P A N D and UPLIFT hearts with a personalized poem typewritten just for you or a loved one! 

I can’t even put into words how much your poem captured my mom and our love for her. It brought tears to my eyes and gave me the chills as I read your work of art. I can’t wait to sit and read it over and over again because there is so much to it. I’m in awe of what you created.”    -Kim Morrow

Personalized poems are wonderful for:

  • Birthdays
  • Baby gifts
  • Teacher gifts
  • Weddings/Anniversaries/Memorials
  • Thank yous
  • Sorrys
  • Appreciation for someone special
  • No reason at all, who wouldn’t want a poem written especially for them?

Here’s how to order your personalized poem:  

  1. Click link to purchase your poem:

    (One poem = $205 includes typewritten poem mounted on decorative paper, gift wrap and postage & handling).
  2. After purchase, you’ll receive an email from me to set up a short phone call (15 minutes) to discuss your poem topic around your schedule.
  3. On the call, I’ll ask you a few fun questions about your loved one and/or the special occasion, and within 2 weeks, I’ll transform your sentiments into a one-of -a-kind personalized poem. (Speed delivery available upon request for additional fee).
  4. Your poem will be gift wrapped in beautiful paper and mailed the old-fashioned way. (Please allow 2 weeks for writing & delivery)

Would you like a personalized bouquet of flowers with that poem? Order PETALS & POETRY!

For folks local to Marin County, California…I’m collaborating with florista Whitney Kolterman of Flower Power Marin to provide a truly customized and personal gift of Petals & Poetry. We’ll ask you a few fun questions about your loved one and/or the special occasion, and then transform your sentiments into both a personalized poem AND an oversized arrangement of hand-selected floral blooms. The poetry & flowers are hand-delivered to your door, with an option to add an in-person reading of the poem. Click here to read my blog with more details about this unique gift.

Click here to Order your personalized Petals & Poetry

Order a personalized poem here. Please order at least 2 weeks before you need your gift delivered.

““The flowers are gorgeous and the poem is absolutely perfect. I cried when Allison read it to me. Your partnership is brilliant!”
-Anne LaFollette

Any questions…send me an email 


“Your poem made me cry and I immediately wanted to call and thank you. This poem is such a personal, beautiful expression of how grateful I felt (and something I could never have written myself). You have created a work of art that is a worthy gift. And from my heart, I thank you so very much.”

“My mother’s poem was way more than just words, it was a whole experience. Talking with you, I got in touch with what I love deeply about my mom, and then to have you craft my sentiments into this lovely poem, and then to see her face when she read it-tears all around…”