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About Allison

About Allison Fragakis

In the last decade, I’ve uncovered my long, lost creative dreams and pursued many forms of expression from poetry, songwriting, guitar, piano, painting, dancing, drawing, card-making, writing children’s stories, taming butterflies, and leading creative writing, songwriting and art journaling circles. I love helping people reconnect with their exiled creative selves. In my early years, I worked as a registered dietitian and author of nutrition books and magazine articles. I am the author of  the American Dietetic Association’s Health Professionals Guide to Popular Dietary Supplements. I also had a monthly nutrition column in Prevention Magazine.  I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received my masters at New York University.

It is my great honor and pleasure to share my love of creativity with you!

Writing Prompt:

“Describe your journey to creativity in seven bullet points”
  1. I was born to a family that embraced creativity—I filled journals with my stories and poetry. I was a free and fearless creative writer.
  2. My confidence was crushed when my writing was graded harshly in middle school—a big fat, red D+ on my English paper!
  3. I stopped writing for fun, grew up, became a dietitian, wrote two research based books on nutrition and had a monthly column in Prevention magazine, every sentence with a footnote to back it to a scientific fact.
  4. For years, not one ounce of me believed I had a creative cell in my body…until one day…I talked with an intuitive counselor who asked me what the heck I was doing not saying yes to creativity.
  5. A butterfly landed in my daughter’s hand when she called to it…this miraculous moment woke me up to my buried creative writing desires—I just had to turn it into a story.
  6. Within in a few months of the butterfly landing, I penned my first creative piece—and after 28 years, I was finally reopening the door to the creativity I had disowned so long ago—I created a book for my daughter, then one for my son
  7. Songs, stories, poetry and art start flowing out of me…I longed to share this creative JOY with others…my first Writing Circle launched in 2008 along with WritingAllison.com!