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Petals & Poetry

Petals & Poetry

Petals & Poetry

We met while I was crafting Typewriter Poems at an fundraising event. Whitney was my first poem customer that evening. She told me she had just started a floral business and was following her big dream to bring creativity into her work life. My eyes gaped at the lively flowers she had designed for the party.

I asked her my usual questions before I write an on-the-spot poem: What would you do on the weekend if there were no rules? What are your favorite colors? What makes your heart sing?….Wait, whaaat? You make flower arrangements out of the back of your car?! Ohhhhh, how poetic! Her poem came rushing through my fingertips. I stood up to read it to her and was touched by her tears. We hugged, exchanged cards and I moved onto the next person in line.

Whitney holding the poem I wrote for her and one of the vases I took home the night we met.

After the party, I was lucky enough to take home two of her bouquets. Something odd happened the next morning…her orange dahlias started talking to me at breakfast. So, did the purple protea. I responded by kissing the petals. My daughter raised an eyebrow when she heard me profess my love to the pink peonies. My son couldn’t resist touching the snapdragon buds as if willing them to bloom. Even my husband stopped in his tracks to gaze and comment on the floral beauties.

In the following weeks, Whitney and I started an Instagram friendship. I gawked at her color-packed “Flower Power” posts—I told her she is the Van Gough of flower arranging. And, she swooned over my poetry. We both were falling in love with each other’s art forms.

Then a few months later, I had a light bulb moment in the shower. We could combine our creative talents to create the ultimate personalized gift. We met over coffee and both of us lit up as we talked of collaborating. We decided to call our business–PETALS & POETRY!

It works like this: I schedule a phone consultation to interview our client with fun questions to stir up the love and appreciation the client has for the recipient. After a few days of marinating in the spirit of the person, I hand write the poem. Next, I chisel, chop, and sculpt the words until it feels just right. When it’s ready, I clack it out on the typewriter and send a copy to Whitney. She takes the poem and tunes into what colors and flowers best capture the essence of this person. With a 4 am start, Whitney heads to the San Francisco Flower Mart. She hand-selects flowers to match the sentiments of the poem. Mind you, Whitney is no longer working from the back of her car and this isn’t just any ordinary bouquet (as you can see from the photos below).

When the arrangement is complete, we personally deliver it along with an option to have a live reading (if desired). Nothing compares to the love bombs that go off when folks receive a gift like this. To witness a person experiencing being loved, seen and deeply appreciated via a personalized poem and custom bouquet, not to mention the surprise and delight on their faces—ooooooh, the joy! 

Poetry & Petals gifted by their realtor to this sweet couple on move-in day.

We like to think that we are translating our client’s love and gratitude into two creative mediums—Petals and Poetry! And, what an honor it is to be the artistic midwives that get to deliver this heart-expanding gift.


                 **CLICK here to order a Petals & Poetry arrangement  (Please allow two weeks lead time, Marin County/SF Bay area only).

If you’re not in our neighborhood, and would like to order a single personalized poem (snail-mailed), click here

Find us on instagram for more floral (@flowerpowermarin ) and poetic (@writingallison1) inspiration.

Petals & Poetry for a 50th birthday gifted by her girlfriends.


Can you tell how much we love creating together?

Valentine’s Day Petals & Poetry orders ready for delivery

Custom birthday bouquet–Whitney truly is an artist painting with flowers!

Allison Fragakis is a poet, writer, songwriter, speaker on creativity, and writing circle workshop leader in Marin County, CA. She is sporadically found around town clacking out personalized poems on her typewriter and talking to trees and flowers for inspiration.  Click here to learn more about Allison’s Writing workshops including her upcoming Writing with Horses Retreat  on October 20-21, 2018. 



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