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Super-Kind Girl

Super-Kind Girl

Super-Kind Girl

The most impactful life lesson I’ve ever received has been about being kind…to myself.  Being nice to me is the lubricant that makes my life flow smoother. And, a fabulous side effect of being gentle on myself: I have A LOT MORE ENERGY for my creative projects! Mainly because it’s not wasted on berating myself. I also have a lot more to give others.

But, sometimes it’s hard to stop the momentum of the ego-mind from bashing me to bits. When I’m tired, ungrounded or caught off guard, the inner monologue starts spewing: “You’re doing it wrong…You shouldn’t have said that…People don’t get you…You aren’t really a musician…Your voice is annoying…Everyone else does it better…You should give up…You have hair in the wrong places…You always mess up…You’re NOT ENOUGH…

It’s super mean.

So in response to this self-whip cracking, I created two Superheroes to help me shift. SUPER-KIND GIRL and FORGIVENESS FRANK to the rescue! (Pictured below from my art journal). They are just silly enough to soften me up. They help me replace that mean whip with sweet whip-cream. I invoke these Superheroes to break my decades-old habit of saying cruel things to myself. I imagine Super-Kind Girl entering the room and suddenly, I can laugh and allow in kindness. And, when I’m having trouble letting go of something, I conjure up Forgiveness Frank. His goofy outfit and ridiculous beard disarm me. And, again, I let in the self-kindness.

“Hey Girl, Hey, I’m Super Kind to you, to me, to humanity!”

Life is so much nicer when I am being nicer to me. What kind of Superhero are you in need of in your life right now?  If you’re super kind to yourself, it won’t matter if you create a artistic masterpiece or simply draw out your Superhero in stick figures with dull crayons.


Allison Fragakis is a creative inspiratrice! She leads creative writing and art journaling circles in Marin County. She is sporadically found around town clacking out free poems on her typewriter. Check out her upcoming workshops including  Write a Wave: Women’s Surfing & Writing 2 day Retreat in June, Writing with Horses retreat in October. 

Comments (2)

  1. Leah joy
    Mar 31, 2017

    I love these super heros!
    You’re inspiring me to create one for myself… !
    Thank you !

  2. Laurie Smith
    Apr 5, 2017

    Love this article! Thanks for being so real and saying what we all need to hear. Keep it coming! 🙂

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