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Losing a Little Angel

Losing a Little Angel

Losing a Little Angel

How do you write a song to honor a mother, father and their still-born baby girl? My singer-songwriter friend Leah Joy was given this difficult task as part of a fundraiser for a documentary on childbirth. Leah had offered to write a song for the person who donated a nice sum to the movie production. When she learned she was to compose a song for parents who had lost their baby, Leah was stifled by sadness. After months of not being able to write the lyrics, she asked me to help. We spent the day together with our guitars, journals and the spirit of the baby. We teared up as we talked about the baby’s parents and how they had longed for her, how they had joyfully told everyone about their pregnancy and then…the heartbreak of having to tell everyone about a burial in their backyard garden. As mother’s ourselves, it was a challenge to write this song–the pain and loss were unimaginable. But, the baby’s mother had requested that this song be in her daughter’s memory, and not focused on the tragedy. Here is the song to commemorate a little angel that briefly came into this world to expand so many hearts.

Little Angel, music and vocals by Leah Joy, lyrics by Leah Joy and Allison Fragakis.


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Leah Joy is a singer-songwriter, vocal coach, artist, greeting card designer and intuitive healer in Sebastopol, CA. You can check out her music, book a vocal session and view her art at www.LeahJoy.org   Also, download her brand new album, 11:11, with her band Ora Bora at www.OraBoraBandcamp.com/releases

Allison Fragakis is a writer, songwriter, blogger, and artist leading writing, songwriting and art journaling circles in Marin County.  Contact Allison to book a private circle or to help you write your own song. For some daily creative inspiration, follow her on instagram @writingallison1.


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  1. Laurie Smith
    Feb 27, 2017

    What courageous souls you are both to have taken on this challenge! The song is beautiful, an amazing gift for the parents, and credit to what gifted songwriters you both are. Thank you for sharing.

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