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Waking up to YES!

Waking up to YES!

Waking up to YES!

Lately, I’ve been chewing on the word YES. It’s simple, upbeat and friendly. YES is the clearest and most direct affirmation I can think of–what’s more positive than YES?  Yes derives from Old English: gēa (yea) + sī (be it)–meaning “So be it.” In other words, yes = no resistance, just being, allowing. I recently met a spiritual teacher who told me she wakes up every morning and waits for the “YES” to stir in heart before getting out of bed. I thought it would be a great experiment to try her YES wake-up routine.  And, being a writer, a YES poem bubbled up in me that I’ve been saying each morning. The beauty of this a.m. YES practice is that my day starts with a whole lot more positivity (and way less friction) than when I just roll out of bed and dive into emails.

In honor of the New Year, here’s what I’m saying YES to…
(p.s. try reading this poem outloud and with your arms stretched to the sky)

YES to the dawn, YES to my song
YES to strong, YES to calm
YES to beauty, YES to community, YES to opportunity
YES to miracle, YES to lyrical
YES to my voice, YES to aligned choice
YES to release, YES to peace
YES to feeling, YES to healing,
YES to patience, YES to Creation, YES to kindness, YES to guidance
YES to greatness, YES to sacredness
YES to synchronicity, YES to the mystery
YES to simplicity

What’s your YES poem/prayer? Here’s a simple template to create your own. If you want to make it rhyme, go to Rhymezone.com for rhyming support.
Yes to____________, Yes to _____________

Yes to____________, Yes to _____________

Yes to____________, Yes to______________…


Did you try it? Why, YES, I’d love to read it! Would you send it to me at Writingallison@me.com ?

MAD_3363 Allison Fragakis is a writer, blogger, songwriter and artist who loves to help people to reconnect with their exiled creative selves. She’s got lots of opportunities to get your creative genius flowing…. Contact Allison about writing a personal song, art journaling and/or leading a Writing or Songwriting Circle for your group.

Comments (4)

  1. leah
    Jan 19, 2017

    I love your YES poem so much!

    You are such an inspiration….. !!!!


  2. Juliet Burton
    Mar 11, 2018

    Allison, thank you for being my creative cheerleader! YES to connecting with old friends!

    YES to a productive day.
    YES to a positive day.
    YES to a courageous day.
    YES to a kind day.
    YES to a progressive day.
    YES to a creative day.
    YES to a family day.
    YES to every day.

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