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This is a Chicken Rap

This is a Chicken Rap

This is a Chicken Rap

As a 40-something mom, my penchant for writing rap songs could easily be called an oddity. I wrote my first official rap in 2011 about my overly-confident dog, Gizmo. I performed it in my daughter’s third grade class with Gizmo on my lap as he “lip synched.” Naturally, when my son reached third grade he assumed that I would rap to his class. I couldn’t let him down. That year, I walked into school with our pet chicken, Cleopatra, and rapped about our hen house.

This video is me practicing the rap at home just before going on “stage” in 3rd grade.

It’s obvious from the video that I have no expertise or training in rapping. But, that doesn’t matter–it’s great fun playing in this creative writing space! And, if you really give yourself permission to let loose writing lyrics, you might discover a little “Nicki Manaj” hidden inside of yourself.

If you’d like to give rap a try, here’s my humble suggestion: start with “Yo, Yo…” to get the rap rhythm flowing. Pick your topic (your boss, your pet chinchilla, your Uncle Lester…)…tell the story of this person or pet, have a rhyme book handy (or visit www.rhymezone.com), then off you go with “Yo, Yo…” As in my dog’s rap:

“Yo Yo, I’m the Gizmo, I got ears like a bat
Yo-Yo, I’m the Gizmo, yeah, I’m all that
The ladies, they love me
The babies, they hug me
Boys wanna walk me
Girls sweet talk me…”

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetimg_9983

Or in my chicken rap, I started with “Bok, Bok” which helped me get some kind of groove going.

“Bok! Bok! I got three little hens that run around our coop
Squawk! Squawk! Layin’ lots of eggs and making’ lots of poop…”


I’d love to hear what you come up with….Happy rapping!

Allison Fragakis, is a writer, artist, songwriter, and currently the caretaker of  five pet chickens (Cleopatra, Miss America, Ruby, Good Queen Bess and Golda). She loves to help people excavate their exiled creative selves. Check out her upcoming Art Journaling Circles, Hike & Write and Songwriting workshops. 

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  1. Deborah Blum
    Nov 29, 2018

    Hilarious! The Chicken Rap 🙂

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